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Is grey running it's course?

The question that we get asked quite frequently is whether or not the grey trend is on its way to the design back burner in home furnishings and decor. It is certainly true that the immensely versatile and variant color has made it's way into just about every aspect of the home within the past 6-8 years. With it's ability to cornerstone a room as either a neutral backdrop, or as a full fledged style statement, the color seems to just keep going and going and going into the depths of design infamy. But will that grey be turning that faux pas corner sooner than we all had hoped?

Like any trend in design, its course is susceptible to influences within the design community, furniture and home industry leaders, as well as simple he said she said rhetoric. And like any fresh idea that gets put into full circulation, at some point it succumbs to the pressures of overuse and simply loses it's cool.

That being said, the next question that must be asked is what comes next? What other palette will take its place as such a versatile neutral? Not many will deny that the color allows for so many accent colors to shine in its shadow. And with so many shades of the color (no pun intended) in peoples homes, retail store floors, and home renovation stores, it's hard to believe it will come to an abrupt end anytime soon. So what then? Will we see a resurgence of browns as we did back in the early 2000's? Will the forest green sofas, carpets, tiles, and walls be making their way back into the design eye? Let's hope not.... For now, it seems safe to say that this incredibly flexible and adaptive palette deserves to enjoy its well deserved time in the sun.

Kaden Sectional and Elliot Comfort Recliner by American Leather

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