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To Sectional or Not to Sectional

To sectional or not to sectional...we are posed this question quite often. Honestly there is no correct answer, it simply is a matter of preference. That being said, sectionals are a great way to utilize dead space and maximize your room's seating potential.

A room layout featuring a sectional generally lends itself to a more casual feel. A nice welcoming sectional is always inviting and encourages you to curl up with your kiddos or a loved one for movie night or some well deserved quiet time.

There are a few things to consider when looking at sectionals. They generally dictate your room layout, unless you explore a more modular option that can be reconfigured in multiple ways. If you are someone who enjoys moving your furniture around to explore different seating arrangements a sectional could be a bit limiting. If that's the case then maybe a sofa with a few great accent chairs may be more more to your liking.

Personally I will always be a fan of the cozy corner that every sectional has to offer.

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